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In just 10 minutes

bling my smile teeths whitening kit



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how to clean the theets

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white theet

Safe technology

white theet

Doesn’t cause sensibility

LED teeth whitening lights accelerate the whitening process by causing teeth whitening gel to work faster. Get fast results!"

You don’t have to pay premium prices for premium whitening. Why? Because Bling my Smile will get you the same results as your dentist – for half the cost. And our Bling my Smile formula whitens quickly and still works even after using it.

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Bling my smile is safe to use on all types of teeth can be used anywhere, anytime.


teeths before
teeths before


teeths after
teeths after use the whitening kit

How it works

how to use the theet whitening pen


Apply whitening gel (pen) on your teeth.

how to use the theet whitening lamp


Turn on the led light and  keep it in your mounth fo 10 minutes.

how to use the theet whitening kit


Remove the led light and rinse your mounth thoroug.

Real results:

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