Home teeth whitening vs dentist teeth whitening

Beauty without a confident smile is incomplete.Who doesn't want to look attractive and

captivating with those white shiny teeth. In today's virtual world filled with filters and selfies,

cosmetics play an instrumental role. As it is rightly said that the first impression is your last

impression, people do pay attention to your bright smile and how you maintain your oral

care. The kind of food and beverages we often consume leads to yellow stained teeth. We can

enjoy 6-7 cups of coffee, cherish our daily sips of wine but it comes as a shocker when after

months we notice that our teeth are stained. And we want our beautiful white teeth and that

perfect smile back at any cost. Overall oral health impacts not only our outlook but how we

interact socially.

Esthetic conscious generation has so many options that it is not a big deal now to improve the

shade of your teeth and bring back that memorable smile. There are two safe teeth whitening

methods which can brighten your teeth.

1. Home teeth whitening kits

2. Professional teeth whitening kit


Here tooth whitening is done in dentist’s clinic, under his supervision.

● Custom made trays with strong bleaching solution is used to get desired result

● As it is done under professional guidance it is very expensive ( 200-800$)

● Peroxide solutions are mainly used for teeth bleaching ( hydrogen peroxide or

carbamide peroxide)

● Stronger solution can lead to teeth sensitivity after multiple exposure

● Improves the color up to 10x

● Less convenient as you need to make appointment with the dentists, cannot be done


● If required dentists can also give take away tray and the kit has to be applied at home

(as prescribed)

● Overall professional teeth whitening procedure is expensive and time consuming

(considering you have to travel to dentist clinic)